Chef de Bar

Stirred or shaken? Not just in James Bond films – but everyday life for bartenders.

The Chef de bar runs the bar with the help of other bartenders and is responsible for the entire bar.

His tasks include creating duty rosters, budget planning and editing the drinks menu. Of course, he can also contribute his ideas for recipes or concepts. He takes on managerial tasks, as he and his team are responsible for adhering to the operational standards set and for achieving the specified goals.

The chef de bar should have strong communication skills and small talk should not be a foreign word for him. The direct and casual contact with the guests is simply part of the job and that is precisely why it is so interesting.

A high sense of responsibility, social skills and a friendly and well-groomed appearance should be a matter of course. In addition, business knowledge is required to master calculation and budget planning.

There are basically many opportunities and job offers for him, worldwide. Hotels have exceptional bars and exciting concepts that are constantly on the lookout for motivated and committed bartenders.

There is no classic training to become a bartender or chef de bar, but there are countless training and further education offers.

In order to work in a good hotel bar with an appealing concept, an apprenticeship in the service area of ​​the hotel and catering industry, as well as several years of professional experience, is an advantage.