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The latest technology, an international network and the innovative layout of our career portal, combine with the experience, individual support and professional service of our recruitment agency.

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Our career portal features online portfolios of your corporate profile. In this digitalized and globalized world, we support you in presenting your company and job offers in an attractive and modern design that effectively addresses qualified employees.

As important as technical support and algorithms are today– when it comes to choosing the right person for the right position, they cannot substitute experience, empathy and intuition.

When establishing a business relation, we want to get to know you, your business and the people who run it. Our communication is open and honest. We believe trust and discretion to be vital components of our partnership. These are the cornerstones of our successful and long-lasting business relationship.

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We have extensive market and industry knowledge and have been in business for more than 15 years. We only propose candidates, who are a perfect fit for your hotel, both personally and professionally.


Our international partner network, a professional and permanent support with candidates ensures we always choose from an extensive applicant pool (currently more than 10,000 candidates) at any time.

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More online reach for your hotel: We have an international network, specifically developed marketing strategies, social-media-connections and a presence on more than 30 online job boards in Europe.


The choice is yours: Trigger an entire recruiting process with one click, an email or a short phone call. We will initiate the full recruitment process, resulting in your new employee at your door.

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Your Company Profile is on display 24/7. Even if you do not have any current job offers. This way, we attract both active and passive candidates. Be one step ahead. Makes recruitment smarter and faster!


Your profile is modern and innovative. Candidates get all the information they need and it looks fantastic on any device!  Present your buisness in style and be a company to love.

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