Chef de Partie

The Chef de Partie is the head of a post in the kitchen area (such as Gardemanger, Entremetier, Patissier, etc.) and is responsible for this. At the respective post you are responsible for the preparation of different dishes and also serve them.

After completing training as a chef and several years of practical experience as a commis de cuisine, you advance to chef de partie. You are subordinate to the Sous Chef (deputy head chef) and the Chef de Cuisine (head chef).

It is probably the position in the kitchen in which you work the longest, as it covers all areas of the kitchen and you therefore have the opportunity to work in any position. This allows you to acquire enormous experience and skills.


In today’s modern hotel and catering business, the chef de partie is not only there to prepare and serve dishes, instead he works with great passion.

Team players are generally required in the kitchen, but as a chef de partie you should also have leadership qualities, demonstrate a structured and clean way of working and be able to assert yourself.

Never stop learning and you never stop developing.