The waiter is basically responsible for the service to the guest.

His tasks include receiving guests, recommending drinks and food and serving.

He is at the guests’ side in an advisory capacity and takes care of the guest’s well-being throughout their stay. So he is the first point of contact for the guests and their concerns and at the same time the face of the company.

If the guest is enthusiastic about the service, he’ll come back and that makes the company happy.

The goal is a win-win situation between guest and waiter, because if the guest is satisfied, the waiter gets a smile and a tip from the guest – if the guest is even enthusiastic, then the waiter gets a happy smile and even more tip!

In order to work in a good hotel or restaurant with an appealing concept, training in the service area of ​​the hotel and catering industry as well as professional experience is a great advantage.

In addition, every waiter should have strong communication skills and a friendly and well-groomed appearance. Communication with guests and direct contact with strangers is what makes this job so interesting!